Blind and Low Vision

Case Study – Consider the student

Increasing size and contrast as only one tool available.

Grade 1 student totally blind in one eye and limited vision in second eye.  She is a smart young girl that is an avid reader; however, she often stumbles and has difficulty reading any colour except black on white boards or other sources of information.

Mobile Braille display for iPad

Repository of tools and resources 

  • Be My Eyes App
  • CNIB
Activity Challenge Low Tech iPad Solution Other More
Navigating No or Low Vision Buddy Reader Guided Access Mode, Audio Descriptions, Be My Eyes App, Siri, Braille Keyboard
Output No or Low Vision Speech to Text Braille Keyboard
Reading No or Low Vision Settings > General > Accessibility > Voice Over
Reading Limited Colour Recognition Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Colour Filters
Reading Require increased size Magnifier Settings > General > Accessibility > Larger Text
Reading Cerebral Vision Impairment Screen Reader
Personalization Identifying callers and notifications Setting different ringtones and haptics
  • Workplace Accommodations –
  • Luis – ISTE YouTube
  • Hadley School for the Blind –

Tips for Teachers 

  • Model gestures for iPad touch, direction and pressure on the back of their hand
  • Using Sounds and Haptics for additional feedback
  • Personally learn Voice Over by turning on Screen Curtain
  • Reduce the options in the Rotor

Top Three Apps to Consider

  • Be My Eyes
  • Nant Mobile Currency Reader
  • Seeing AI

Hadley School for the blind. AccessibleVideos and demonstrations