A cornerstone is summarized with the Salamanca Statement

“1 . We, the delegates of the World Conference on Special Needs Education representing ninety-two governments and twenty – five international organizations, assembled here in Salamanca, Spain, from 7-10 June 1994, hereby reaffirm our commitment to Education for All, recognizing the necessity and urgency of providing education for children, youth and adults with special educational needs within the regular education system, and further hereby endorse the Framework for Action on Special Needs Education, that governments and organizations may be guided by the spirit of its provisions and recommendations.

2. We believe and proclaim that:

  • every child has a fundamental right to education, and must be given the opportunity to achieve and maintain an acceptable level of learning,
  • every child has unique characteristics, interests, abilities and learning needs,…”

Believing in the fundamental right to education is a step; however, we need to have the understanding of challenges and how to overcome them.