Kevin Amboe

I have had several career paths that include: youth leader, sailing instructor, lifeguard, lifeguard instructor, forest education instructor and a school teacher.

In my teaching career, I have had several sub careers with high school, elementary, district technology support and my current role as an integration support teacher for students with special needs.

The way my role is structured, I support students with ‘Low-Incidence’ designations because the isn’t as high of an occurrence of this type of need.  Students with vision and hearing challenges are support at our school by integration teachers, but they are also additional district teachers that support vision and hearing specifically.

In the last two years of being in this role, I have gained experience and understanding of various student special needs from cochlear implants, seizure disorders, pain disorders, downs syndrome, autism and many more challenges.

Even having experiences in my life with students with special needs, I was not prepared with just how much challenges can affect so many aspects of daily living.